Many younger, Gen Z individuals would love to consider themselves social media experts, and for the amount of time they’re on it, they very much should be! There are many things I have learned from being a ‘kid on instagram’ that can be easily converted and applied to a wide range of people and businesses in all sectors. Here are 7 tips I think every business can and should employ to make their Instagram shine.

Give Your Captions Room to Breathe

I have always believed Instagram should have a character limit on captions the way Twitter does on tweets. Some captions I have come across are full essays and might as well be chaptered and volumed. Keep your captions short and sweet and if there are things you must put in there that extend its length, try some creative methods to spacing your text out so it doesn’t look like one giant slob of text. You can use emojis, periods, line spaces if your platform allows for it and even writing your caption in your notes app with the spaces will sometimes do the trick. For a full service package including pre-written, pre-spaced and optimized captions, contact us here.

This tip works very well for carousel posts as well (you know those posts that have more than 1 picture/video in a single post. This way you can give a little 1 sentence description of each post in order for your audience to get high-level insights into each post.

#Say #No #To #Overusing #Hashtags

Talking about captions is a nice way to emphasize this point. You do not NEED 25 hashtags on your one post, you simply do not. All it does is add bulk text to your caption and makes your whole caption look thirsty for free engagement that will almost never actually pay off.

Use various online resources or contact us to figure out which 2-4 hashtags you should use given your business type for the highest level of engagement.

#NoFilter or… Not Really

60% of brands use the same exact filter for every post. That is a fact. I am aware how artsy a black and white ‘willow’ post caption or a beautifully gradient of ‘Rio De Janero’ filter adds a kick of colour to your story. The issue with that is, if your brand design personality does not go in tune with the greyscale look or your design language does not follow the same colours as that awesome gradient, it starts to look messy.

Your posts and stories should all be telling the same story that your logo, business cards, website and everything else tells. A social media page is a public profile of your business, make sure it represents you the right way.

3x3 Is For Math, Not Instagram

Have you ever come across those pages that have 9 posts, that when put together, create one GIANT square picture? Sure it looks fine if someone were to stumble upon your actual profile. However, and this has happened to me countless times, you’re scrolling through your feed and you see a full white image, then scroll 2 posts down and see someone’s face WAY too zoomed in and then a THIRD one that’s just knees and you start to wonder… WHY am I seeing these weird posts, until you realize they are all coming from the same account, and when you click their profile, it’s 9 small photos that created one giant post, which all of that could have easily just fit in one post.

Sure it might be a creative approach to that person’s feed but they just lost a follower and I am 100% sure I am not the only one that got annoyed by that and unfollowed. The risks and downside heavily outweigh the pros of that artsy approach to your feed.

Be Aware, Always Be Square

This is the final and most simple tip. Prepare your photos to be square. Sure there is a feature to turn portrait or landscape pictures into a zoomed out version with those unsightly white bars. The problem with that, the photo might look fine on someone else’s home page feed as they scroll but when someone goes to your profile, the zoomed in version of that picture may be disoriented or cut off. Do yourself a favour and prepare content in an 800x800 dimension size before posting.

With that, those are 7 of the many tips kids have engraved into their social media habits. For more of this expertise and everything marketing/design, let’s talk!